Wednesday, July 27, 2011

How to pass Police PNP Recruitment Pneuro-Psychiatric Exams?

One of the most crucial stages in the police recruitment program is the Pneuro-Psychiatric Exam. Almost ¾ or 75 percent of the police applicants get denied because of failing the Pneuro-Psychiatric exams. This is done to filter applicants if they are really suitable for police work. Behavioral and sociability is measured in this process. The exam is divided into two levels.

How to pass the Police Recruitment Medical Exams?

If you are not physically fit or you are suffering from a serious sickness, need  not to apply for police service recruitment because you're wasting  time .You will end up being denied and rejected. Being healthy is a general requirement in any job applications. No employer would hire a sickly worker, right? Just like in the police service.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

How to pass the PNP Police Entrance Exams?

Before you can apply for Police Recruitment Program, you have to pass the police entrance exams .If you have any government eligibility certificate like Bar (lawyers),Board exam licenses, or civil service license certificates, you can choose not to take the exam. However, it is better to take exam and pass more government exams because more eligibility means more points for you.

How to pass the PNP Police Recruitment Program?

For those aspiring individuals wanting to enter the police force maybe the most common question you will ask is ,“How to pass the police recruitment program?”.maybe ,you google it,that’s why you found this blog .Well, let me give you an overview of the recruitment process. A police recruitment program is divided into many different levels, depending on the country or organization you are applying. You need to pass all of those stages to proceed to another. These stages are:

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Why apply for a police career?

Before we proceed on most frequent questions like: How to pass police recruitment program? Or how to pass the police entrance exam; we should answer one important question, why should you apply for a police career?